Ten Minutes by Tractor 10X Pinot Noir

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Regarded as one of Australia's finest wineries located in the coolest and highest part of the Mornington Peninsula. Ten Minutes by Tractor 10X Pinot Noir is a complex red with earthy notes, soft savoury fruit, fine tannins and a long finish. A fine example of the best Pinot Noir that Australia has to offer.

Ten Minutes by Tractor is truly a pioneer in fine wine making and a beacon to those striving for quality. Originally set up in 2000, the winery is today run by Martin Spedding who has overseen the rise of the winery to almost cult status.

The 'home' vineyards (McCutcheon, Wallis and Judd) are the three original vineyards which formed, literally and figuratively, Ten Minutes By Tractor. They are all in Main Ridge, the coolest and highest parts of the Mornington Peninsula. Despite their close proximity and similar vinification methods, the single vineyard wines are distinctly different from one another. This is a result of their different elevations, orientations and soils. These wines can challenge Burgundy in quality and elegance and range from fine and elegant to richer and more opulent. They are all a true expression of the unique 'terroir'. These much sought after single vineyard wines are only produced in outstanding years.

The other two vineyards (Spedding and Coolart Road) are located further to the north and are blended with the 'home' vineyards to produce Martin's beloved 10X range. These wines are elegant but also Australian in style with ripe fruit and beautifully balanced with well integrated oak.

Website www.tenminutesbytractor.com.au

Vintage: 2021
Grape: Pinot Noir
Region: Mornington Peninsula
ABV: 13%
Ten Minutes by Tractor 10X Pinot Noir