Quintas do Homem Vale do Homem Branco Vinho Verde

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Quintas do Homem Vale do Homem Branco Vinho Verde is a vibrant, spritzy Vinho Verde made from Loureiro and Arinto grapes. Packed with citrus and tropical fruit, soft in the mouth with a crisp finish.

Quintas do Homem is a booming family run business established in 1985 and run by passionate people. The Quintas consists of two vineyard area's; 12 ha at Quinta da Veiga which is planted with Loureiro, Alvarinho and Fernão Pires e Vinhão; and 7 ha at Quinta do Paço planted with Loureiro and Arinto.

Both vineyards are located in the village of Pico around the Vila Verde district of Braga. The winery itself is locatede at Quinta da Veiga, and was remodelled in 2011 to accomodate the most modern of equipment. They are committed to the policy of "integrated agriculture" (Lutte Raisonee) meaning that they farm as naturally as possible, trying to increase biodiversity, establishing a balanced environment in the vineyards where the vines do not depend on artificial fertilisers but exist in perfect partnership with the soil.

The cellars and winery, are simple but well equipped and the fruit is brought straight to the winery the moment it is picked to keep the fruit as healthy and as clean as possible.

A bright and a citrus colour, the aroma is fruity with floral notes. It is very elegant and fresh in the mouth with a vibrant acidity. It should be served at a temperature between 8 and 10ºC.

Producer website: www.quintasdohomem.com

Vintage: 2020 
Grape: Loureiro, Arinto
Region: Vinho Verde
ABV: 12%
Quintas do Homem Vale do Homem Branco Vinho Verde