Ornezon Picpoul de Pinet

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Ornezon Picpoul de Pinet comes from the Picpoul de Pinet grape grown in vineyards just 10km from the Mediterranean. Citrus aromas and white fruits, lovely weight and a faint hint of saline on the finish. Perfect with shellfish.

Produced by Vignerons de Florensac from one of the oldest planted vineyards near the French Mediterranean coast. Unusually for the South of France, this is a specialist white wine producer, situated just 10km inland from the Eastern shores of the Bassin de Thau. Grown on high ground in vineyards that are planted on clay and limestone soils, with sustainable agricultural practices rather than chemical intervention is at the heart of everything the Vignerons de Florensac do. Day time temperatures can be harsh so a machine harvest is carried out at night to avoid any oxidation of the grapes and to keep them cool.

An eco-friendly producer, Oenologist Roques Stephane employs green techniques to control pests in the vineyard, and the Vignerons de Flornesac reduce carbon emissions by drawing energy from their vast bank of solar panels.These are used to power the refrigeration units required to keep the grapes and juice cool for maceration and fermentation.

Vintage: 2022 
Grape: Picpoul
Region: Languedoc
ABV: 12.5%

Ornezon Picpoul de Pinet