Mont Rocher Viognier

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Mont Rocher Viognier is deliciously aromatic with ripe flavours of apricot and nectarine and a dry finish.

Southern France, with its multifarious regions, indigenous grapes, cultures and traditions is home to some of the most exciting, characterful wines in the world at present. Mont Rocher is a collection of wines produced from indigenous varieties, produced in a style that lets them clearly express their varietal typicity and sense of place. Pure, authoritative packaging that lets the wines do the talking meets delicious, well balanced wines that offer a taste of the real France.

The very aromatic Viognier produces its aromas at a certain stage of maturation. Our winemaker's team follows the process by tasting the grapes in August, in order to choose the right day to harvest. Once harvested, the grapes undergo a short skin-contact maceration. Then, the juice, collected after a delicate pressing and meticulous off-settling, ferments at low temperature.

Vintage: 2022 
Grape: Viognier
Region: Pays d'Oc
ABV: 13%
Mont Rocher Viognier