Chateau Pineraie Cahors Tradition

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Cahors is the original home of Malbec, known locally as Côt. Chateau Pineraie Cahors Tradition blends in a touch of Merlot grown on the terrasses of the Lot in South West France. Cherry and blackcurrant fruit with lots of spicy oak.

Cahors has been an established winemaking area for centuries and a Latin manuscript from 1456 shows that the Burc family were already land owners around Cahors at that time. 5th generation vigneron Jean-Luc Burc now shares the running of this 50 hectare estate near Puy-L'Évèque with his daughters, Anne and Emmanuelle. They produce individual and characterful wines from their various vineyard parcels which encompass all of the classic terroirs of the region, both on the renowned terraces of the Lot and upon the limestone plateau above. The estate's old vines are carefully managed according to the principles of lutte raisonneé.

Vintage: 2020
Grape: Malbec, Merlot
Region: Cahors
ABV: 14%
Chateau Pineraie Cahors Tradition