Torre Solar Macabeo Sobre Lias

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Torre Solar Macabeo Sobre Lias is produced from low-yielding, unirrigated Macabeo vines with subtle oak ageing. Great texture and mouth feel with pineapple, citrus and mineral notes.

Extended lees contact gives weight texture and savoury notes while blending in the fruit driven components to give a diverse old world wine with a new world twist.

Inspired by Spain's largely untapped fine wine resources, friends, colleagues and Masters of Wine, Fergal Tynan and Giles Cooke set off on a journey to find the unsung heroes of Spain, be they regions, growers or winemakers. Fergal's interest in wine terroirs and Giles' instincts for flavour, led them to unearth great Spanish wines whose stories were untold. Each wine is hand made. Each wine reflects the personality of the land and the subtle imprint of man in varying degrees.

Vintage: 2019 
Grape: Macabeo 
Region: La Mancha 
ABV: 12.5% 

Torre Solar Macabeo Sobre Lias