Huerta de Albala Barbazul

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Huerta de Albala Barbazul is a Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet blend from one of the leading producers in the South of Spain. Young and lively with complex berry fruit and a hint of orange peel and spice.

Andalucia's most ambitious quality wine project yet is the innovative brainchild of Vicente Taberner, partner in the Sherry bodega Fernando de Castilla, a passionate wine enthusiast with a vision to produce top reds in the hills near Arcos de la Frontera, northeast of Cadiz. Great care has been taken with the building of a €˜chateau' style bodega using traditional local designs and materials. The first vineyards, adjoining the winery, were planted in January 2002. The estate now covers 91 hectares - 75ha of which are under vine with local and international varieties, including Tintilla de Rota (a local variant of Graciano). Historically an area where fruit and vines were planted, this particular site was chosen for its sandy clay, chalky soils and microclimate, with the marked variation between day and night temperatures ideal for high quality red wines. The winery also have a further 160ha in the Balbaína district of Jerez de la Frontera. Huerta de Albala is possibly the most significant development in Andalucian winemaking since the creation of Sherry!

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Vintage: 2017
Grape: Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet
Region: Cadiz
ABV: 15%
Huerta de Albala Barbazul