Ensedune Malbec

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Ensedune Malbec comes from vineyards situated close to the Mediterranean between Beziers and Narbonne. Soft and smooth with lovely mouth-filling texture, red berry flavours and a hint of liquorice.

At the edge of the Mediterranean sea, the Oppidum Romain d'Ensérune dominates the terroir of the Ensédune wines. It is characterized by one of the warmest and dryest climates of France located at the west of Béziers. Proud of a thousand-year-old tradition, the Ensérune winegrowers were keen to develop their vineyards by acclimatizing grape varieties from various horizons. Created by teamwork, the Ensédune range is the product of generations of collaboration by winegrowers and presents unusual grape varieties for monovarietal wines. With Ensédune, discover the essence of Languedoc! 

Producer Website: www.foncalieu.com 

Vintage: 2018 
Grape: Malbec
Region: Coteaux d'Enserune 
ABV: 13.5% 
Ensedune Malbec