Cloud Cuckoo Land Nero d'Avola Montepulciano

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Cloud Cuckoo Land Nero d'Avola Montepulciano is a great blend of two Italian varieties giving a soft, fresh red. Smoky black cherry fruit, a hint of spice with a mouth filling texture. Bring on the pizza!

Wild & Wilder is all about good clean fun. Working hand in hand with their merry (in a good season) band of growers, they craft wines of supreme quality but don’t take it all too seriously.

Great fruit, grown by great people and made with a lot of love by people that know that wine is all about the good times, delicious food and creating great memories. Founded by Giles Cooke MW & Fergal Tynan MW, who also make the Thistledown wines, the mundane is just not in their DNA. Being involved in every stage of the winemaking process from bud burst to bottle means that every bottle from Wild & Wilder is an experience you’ll want to try again.

Cloud Cuckoo Land is an imaginary state of absurd over optimism – something that all those at Wild & Wilder are often accused of. Indeed, not so long ago, if they had said that we wanted to make high quality, low intervention wines made from Mediterranean varieties in the Riverland, Cloud Cuckoo land is exactly where people would have said that they lived! But, they believe that anything is possible if you don’t see the obstacles, you challenge the “received wisdom” and resist the naysayers. Cloud Cuckoo Land is for everyone who feels the same.

Vintage: 2020 
Grape: Nero d'Avola, Montepulciano
Region: Riverland
ABV: 13% 
Cloud Cuckoo Land Nero d'Avola Montepulciano