Angeline Pinot Noir

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Angeline Pinot Noir is a fruity Pinot Noir from this family producer, sourcing grapes from prime Californian vineyards sites. Juicy red berry fruit with sweet toasty oak on the finish.

The most profound contributing factor to the outstanding quality of our California Pinot Noir, and the integrity to its varietal, is the diversity of its sourcing. Because it is not relegated to a single county or growing region, we are given the opportunity to source from the best Pinot Noir regions throughout the state. From the warmer regions of the Central Coast, to the foggy cool valleys of our Northern Coast, each individual lot promotes the intense berry flavors and rich colors that keep our cornerstone Pinot true to its varietal.

Born of the elusive idea that everyday wines can exceed expectations, Angeline is a family-owned winery founded by Courtney Benham 30 years ago. We seek to blend exceptional wines from California's best vineyards, optimizing the depth and nuance of each site. This practice is what allows us to consistently draw awards for our wines. And it's how we make wines you'll look forward to opening every night.

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Vintage: 2019
Grape: Pinot Noir
Region: California
ABV: 14%
Angeline Pinot Noir