St Tamas Mad Dry Furmint

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St Tamas Mad Dry Furmint exhibits the character of the dry Furmint variety and the soil around the village of Mad. This elegant wine has great weight in the mouth with fruit perfectly balanced by the minerality. Satisfying with a hint of spice and great length.

The Szent Tamás winery was founded by 2 Hungarian businessmen and the son of Hungary's most famous and influential producers- Istevan Szepsy. They firmly believe the village of MÁD in the remote Tokaj region of Hungary is one of the great wine producing areas of the world. Working with vineyards that were shaped by several volcanic eruptions millions of years ago, their goal is to ensure that the once world renowned Tokaj Crus of MÁD would capture wine world`s attention again. Currently are working with 15 hectares of old vines in 9 different Crus, the MÁD Dry Furmint was created to be a benchmark representation of the village of MÁD through the collaborative work of the Szent Tamás winery and an ever growing number of small landowners.

The village of MÁD, the most prestigious in the region of Tokaj is still composed of many plots of small growers, the aim has been to raise the viticultural standards of the growers by guaranteeing a purchase of their grapes at an above market price dependent on their working with the MÁD viticulturalists. This ensures an excellent supply of high quality grapes. The vineyards for these wines sit on the south and western sides of the hill overlooking the village and are planted on predominantly red clay, zeolite Malota and quartz rhyolite soils.

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Vintage: 2016
Grape: Furmint
Region: Tokaji, Hungary
ABV: 11.5%
St Tamas Mad Dry Furmint