Zuccardi Torrontes Tardio

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 Zuccardi Torrontes Tardio is a late harvest Torrontes from Argentina's Mendoza region. A delicate, light dessert wine with aromas of pears and apricots and flavours of fresh fruit and honey.

During the winemaking process the fermentation is stopped by a sudden drop in temperature so that not all of the sugar is converted to alcohol and a rich sweetness remains in the wine.

Zuccardi combines forward thinking with a deeply rooted wine culture to craft wines of unique quality and identity. At the heart of this family winery is the drive to continually improve and with Sebastian Zuccardi heading up their 'Innovation and Experimentation' program, they are literally taking quality to new heights. Their breathtaking new winery in Altamira in the Uco Valley sits at 1100 metres above sea level with the Andes as it's stunning backdrop. A new chapter in the history of Zuccardi is beginning and this is one of the most exciting producers to work with, their understanding of the soils and terroirs of the Uco Valley is reflected in their beautifully expressive wines.

Producer Website: familiazuccardi.com

Bottle Size: 50cl
Vintage: 2016
Grape: Torrontes
Region: Mendoza
ABV: 7.5%
Zuccardi Torrontes Tardio