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Weingut Pfaffl Austrian Cherry Zweigelt


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Weingut Pfaffl Austrian Cherry Zweigelt Zweigelt is the most well-known of the Austrian reds. Weingut Pfaffl Austrian Cherry Zweigelt is a vibrant fresh, medium-bodied red with rich black cherry flavours.

The Pfaffl winery is run by winemaker Roman Joseph Pfaffl and his sister Heidi Fischer who handles the administration and marketing. The winery is based in the village of Stetton in the Weinviertel region near Vienna. It has grown from the one acre acquired by their father in 1978 to 90 hectares now under their management. The different vineyard sites have varying soils and micro climates that allow different styles of wine to be produced.

They make a modern fresh style of wine perfectly balanced and well suited to the British taste. Their idea to enter the UK market has to be to simplify the labels and explain the predominant flavours clearly on the front label. It is an idea so simple you wonder how nobody has thought of it before.
In 2016 Weingut Pfaffl was awarded the title European Winery of the Year by WINE ENTHUSIAST magazine. This is the first time the magazine has awarded the title to an Austrian wine producer.

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Vintage: 2018
Grape: Zweigelt
Region: Niederosterreich
ABV: 12.5%