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Reichsrat von Buhl Riesling Trocken


Reichsrat von Buhl Riesling Trocken Reichsrat von Buhl Riesling Trocken is from one of the oldest and most respected wineries in Germany producing a modern, dry style of German wine. Fresh and light with pure fruit and complex mineral flavours.

Reichsrat von Buhl has been a family-owned winery for more than 150 years, and has belonged to the circle of the most prestigious wineries in Germany for just as long. Since it was founded in 1849, Reichsrat von Buhl has made its wines in a terroir-dominated, timeless style that has never been oriented to fashion, but always to the grapes’ origins in the best soils of Deidesheimer and Forster. Reichsrat von Buhl is certified organic, and is an active ambassador of both natural, sustainable viticulture and of the best German wines.

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Vintage: 2016
Grape: Riesling
Region: Pfalz
ABV: 11.5%