The joy of working with independent vineyards is they are often family run businesses and many have a story to tell about the generations that have worked in the business, or how old vineyards have been re-invigorated by new wine-making techniques. Many of the producers have become good friends over the years and they share our values. These independent vineyards don’t make wine on the grand scale to supply large retailers, but where they succeed is in the quality of their wine. They also represent good value.

Yannick Prévoteau, Champagne


Small family producer of wonderful Champagnes and unique to Talking Wines in the UK since 2006.

Calmel Joseph, Languedoc


Two French guys demonstrating how to make cracking wines from small parcels of land across the Languedoc.

Luis Cañas, Spain


The winery is owned and directed by Juan Luis Cañas, considered one of the most restless vintners in the country. Dynamic, edgy and a perfectionist, we have been big fans of this winery for years.

Zephyr Wines, New Zealand


Zephyr Wines, owned and run by the Glover family, the wines embrace the dynamic spirit, passion and values of the family and the vineyards they work.

Some Young Punks, Australia


Some Young Punks epitomise the best of New Australia. They produce incredible wines made with style, passion and intrigue.

Painted Wolf, South Africa


Painted Wolf Wines are a dynamic and innovative South African wine company, run by Jeremy and Emma Borg; they are passionate about their wines and the conservation of African Wild Dogs.

Zuccardi, Argentina


The Zuccardi family have been making wine since 1963. The family manages to encapsulate the very best that Argentina has to offer in each of their wines.

Odfjell, Chile


The Odfjell family strives and succeeds to bottle the very best of Chile. Their wines are powerful yet harmonious, really quite special.

Wilsons Vineyard, USA


The Crusher Wines made by the Sebastiani and Wilson families are a unique example of how it is possible to find beautiful wines that offer incredible value for money.

Garnier & Fils, France

Garnier & Fils

Brothers Xavier and Jérôme Garnier share a passion for wine and the Chablis region, where their family has owned a 57-acre estate for many decades.

Domaine Des Pasquiers

Domaine Des Pasquiers

They take the richness of the soil, leave the vines time to mature, which favours the expression of the fruit and creates a magnificent range of wine.

Joseph Perrier Champagne

Joseph Perrier Champagne

Joseph Perrier’s objective is not to increase yields, but to improve the health and balance in the vineyards, always being careful with every bottle of champagne produced.