Tenute Rubino Primitivo Salento Rosso

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Tenute Rubino are based in Brindisi producing wines that show the best of the Salento region. Tenute Rubino Primitivo Salento Rosso has abundant plum, black cherry and blackberry fruit and is velvety smooth.

Tommaso Rubino, a firm believer in Salento's potential, acquired in the 1980's four seperate estates to demonstrate the diversity of the region. Jaddico, Marmorelle, Uggio and Punta Aquila stretch from the Adriatic coast to the hinterland of Brindisi. His goal was to show Salento wine at it's very best and through the diverse range that his family now offer, made from local varietals like the fascinating Susamaniello and more well known ones such as Primitivo, they are well on their way.

Producer Website: www.tenuterubino.com/en

Vintage: 2019 
Grape: Primitivo
Region: Puglia
ABV: 13%
Tenute Rubino Primitivo Salento Rosso