Calmel Joseph Faugeres

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The small appellation of Faugeres is highly prized by locals, but little known outside France. Calmel Joseph are passionate about the environment making naturally organic wines. Calmel Joseph Faugeres has concentrated fruit balanced by lovely acidity and a long smooth finish.

Founded in 1995, Calmel & Joseph is a maison de négoce specializing in Languedoc-Roussillon wines from across the region. Over the years, they have built close personal relationships with a large number of growers from all appellations. Convinced of the extraordinary potential of this region, oenologist, Laurent Calmel, and Jerome Joseph work together on the vinification, blending and ageing of wines with the common purpose of demonstrating the little known yet unique quality of these Mediterranean terroirs.

Discover our wines with multiple expressions
Our varietal wines, our easy drinking wines, come exclusively from private wineries. This is the only way to ensure that the wines are vinified naturally, respecting the specific aromatic characteristics of each grape variety. This is also a guarantee that we will obtain the same product profile from one vintage to the next, along with an authentically typical character, a far cry from your average wines. We seek a harmonious balance of fruit and freshness that will enable the wine to develop in an exciting way. We are also very interested in original, unknown or little known grape varieties which take us into uncharted taste territory.

Our appellation wines come from areas between the Cévennes and the Camargue, between the Montagne Noire and the Mediterranean, from the Pyrenees foothills to the border of the Spanish coast - the array of terroirs is incredibly diverse. Considered to be the biggest wine region in the world, the Languedoc Roussillon is where one finds the greatest variety of soils. All these advantages and all this diversity provide us with extraordinary creative ground for the production of our wines.

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Vintage: 2019
Grape: Syrah Grenache Carignan
Region: Languedoc
ABV: 13%
Vegan, Organic
Calmel Joseph Faugeres