WINE TALK February 2020



The world seems to have emerged from its post-Christmas sleep and Spring is not too far away. At Talking Wines we have made some changes to the shop to hopefully make it a more welcoming place to visit and have more wines to taste and discuss with our visitors. I hope you agree when you next get the chance to come and see us.

This month we discuss the hot topic of vegan and vegetarian wines. Even if it is not something you look for, it is still an interesting subject to find its relevance to wine.

We hope to see you soon,

Simon and the Talking Wines Team



We Are What We Drink

We are increasingly aware of what goes into the food and drink that we consume. The growth of organic produce has been steady over the past decade or so. With the growing awareness and urgency of climate change, vegetarian and vegan produce has become much more sought-after.

You might wonder what vegetarian and vegan food has to do with wine. Although wine is only made from grapes, it undergoes a process of fining to remove any particles and make sure that the liquid is clear. The fining agents is added to make particles coagulate or stick to them.

Traditionally these fining agents could be derived from milk, egg, isinglass (fish) or gelatin. Although the fining agent is not an additive as it is removed with the particles, it has understandably led to a search for alternatives.

Now the most common fining agent is bentonite, made from clay, which is particularly good at removing protein particles. Also increasing numbers of more premium wine-makers choose to leave wines to self-clarify over time.

The good news is that the vast majority of our wines are already vegan friendly. This is because Talking Wines work with wine-makers that are concerned about the environment and are making wines as natural as commercially viable. We also have an increasing number of organic wines and vineyards under the five year transition to organic.

The wine industry has been witnessing and dealing with the impact of climate change for many years. It is encouraging to see so many of our wine-makers helping to reduce the impact their wines have on the environment.

Upcoming Tastings & Events

Saturday 8th February - Vina Cobos, Argentina
Saturday 15th Frebruary - Puglia, Italy
Saturday 22nd February - Calmel Joseph, Languedoc
Saturday 29th February - Waterkloof, South Africa
Saturday 7th March - Sherwood, New Zealand

What's New? New Wines for February

South Africa

Zorgvliet Cabernet Franc, Stellenbosch - £16.99

Wildeberg Barrel Fermented Semillon, Franschoek - £19.99


Adobe Carmenere, Colchagua - £9.50


Pazo Torrado 1953 Sparkling Albarino, Rias Baixas - £22.00