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Villa Blanche Chardonnay


Villa Blanche Chardonnay
Villa Blanche Chardonnay is a stunning award-winning Chardonnay from the Languedoc. Floral and apple aromas with lovely texture in the mouth and a satisfying finish. Gold Medal winner in the top 50 of Chardonnay du Monde 2013. It is amazing value and can rival some white Burgundies at a fraction of the cost. It is a wine to really challenge those who profess not to like Chardonnay.

Volcanic, clay and limestone.
The climate is typically Mediterranean, warm and sunny with low rainfall. Winters are mild, summers are hot and the usual dry conditions ensure that the grapes ripen fully. Vines are ploughed; no
weed killer is used. Pruning is short to regulate the vine’s growth and its yields.
The grapes are picked at night, in two passes. The first harvest is done at a relatively early stage in maturity, to keep freshness in the wine.
Then 15 days later a second harvest is done, to get good concentration and varietal aromas. Grapes are destemmed and then macerated at 5°C for 4 hours. Fermentation is termpature-controlled 15°C (no malolactic fermentation).
Aged for three months in oak barrels (30% of the vintage).


Vintage: 2017
Grape: Chardonnay
Region: Pays d’Oc
ABV: 13%