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Scotto Old Vine Zinfandel


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Scotto Old Vine Zinfandel
Scotto Old Vine Zinfandel is a rich fruity Zinfandel made by the Scotto family to east of Lodi city. A warming, rich wine with abundant red fruits especially cranberry, leathery notes and cinnamon with ripe tannins on the finish.

Dominic Scotto emigrated to America from the island of Ischia in the bay of Naples in 1903 and worked as a ship’s caulker on the east coast, making wine in his spare time. The family winemaking tradition was passed from generation to generation and it’s now Anthony Scotto, Dominic’s grandson who runs the family company.

We have been working with the Lodi-based Scotto Family Wines now for several years and have been delighted by how well these blends have been received – blends emphasizing bright fruit expression and minimal use of oak. Media attention has also been growing, with the Old Vine Zinfandel appearing on Jancis Robinson’s Purple Pages website and inspiring this comment from Simon Woods: “Why aren’t there more wines like this from California?… It’s hard to think of a wine business that wouldn’t benefit from such a wine.”

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Vintage: 2013
Grape: Zinfandel
Region: Lodi
ABV: 13.5%