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Leopold Bros Michigan Tart Cherry


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Leopold Michigan Tart Cherry
Created from one-of-a-kind Montmorency cherries, Leopold Bros Michigan Tart Cherry Liqueur brings something new to classic cocktails like Manhattans and Singapore Slings. While most cherries are categorized as sweet or tart, Montmorency cherries maintain a unique balance between the two flavours that is not found in any other varietal. The result is a versatile liqueur with exceptional flavor in both cocktails and cooking. Try drizzled over warm pancakes or as a cherry twist in a traditional gin & tonic.

Leopold Bros is a family owned and operated small batch distillery located in Denver, Colorado.

Originally produced for their own brew-pub, Todd Leopold makes very small batches using only a 40-gallon pot still with a six plate column. Is there a harder working still in the USA?

Leopold Bros distills hand-numbered, batch-made products, all made from scratch and natural ingredients. Among the distinctive methods used by Leopold Bros is the separate distillation of each botanical used in flavouring its products prior to blending and final distillation.

Together, the Leopold Brothers designed and developed a unique distillery in which environmental sustainability is a daily practice, and the art and science of fermentation and distillation is practiced at the highest possible level.

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Origin: Colorado
Bottle Size: 70cl
ABV: 20%