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Las Medallas Manzanilla Argueso


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Las Medallas Manzanilla Argueso Light, tangy and refreshing with notes of lightly toasted salted almonds. Las Medallas Manzanilla Argueso is an excellent aperitif and a sublime match for seafood.

A dry manzanilla par excellence; it is naturally dry on the palate with a clearly defined aroma and an underlying subtle marine bouquet. After 5 years of ageing this remains a very elegant wine with good yeasty complexity.

Bodegas Argüeso was founded in 1822 by León de Argüeso y Argüeso. Initially he set up a small grocer’s store, called Almacén del Reloj (Calle Bolsa), which gradually prospered. In order to establish his wine business, León de Argüeso purchased some old soleras and the San José bodega in el Callejón de Santo Domingo, which is estimated to be over 250 years old.

When León de Argüeso died in 1878, his nephews Juan de Argüeso and Manuel de Argüeso y Lucio inherited the company and established Manuel de Argüeso, S.A. and Herederos de Argüeso, S.A. In 1895 Juan de Argüeso took over the business which is now Herederos de Argüeso.

For over 175 years, Bodegas Argüeso has specialised in the ageing and maturing of manzanillas, the wine produced exclusively in Sanlúcar. The town with its vineyards lying on albariza chalky soil has its own unique micro-climate influenced by the moist warm breezes off the Atlantic, which blow through the bodegas holding the maturing wines.
Over the years the business has expanded to form new bodegas around its primitive foundational core, and today the Argüeso estate is over 70 hectares. Although its surroundings have changed, Argüeso’s tradition for quality sherry-making continues today as it produces award-winning manzanillas and sherries for the world to enjoy.

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Vintage: NV
Grape: Palomino
Region: Sanlucar
ABV: 15%