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Iona One Man Band


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Iona One Man Band is a very special full-bodied red from a predominantly Syrah blend. Intense cherry and blackberry fruit with a cool-climate freshness and ripe, firm tannins.

Iona is thought to be the coolest vineyard in the Cape. In terms of style and climate it is 420m above sea-level rising high above the picturesque Elgin Valley. An extremely long growing season, harvesting up to 2 months after Stellenbosch, results in diverse, complex flavours and uniquely fresh and elegant wines. The philosophy at Iona is to make wine that expresses the soils and climate as closely as possible, making use of sustainable farming methods and to maximise the use of natural products in farming and winemaking. Everything is done in-house from the vineyard to the wine distribution. For owners Andrew and Rozy, Iona is their sole focus, passion and a great joy.

From the 2008 vintage, Iona have decided to produce a red blend that is reflective of the best of the red wines they produce. It is a wine that refects two very different terroirs: the warm, ripe Syrah from Brocha vineyards lower down in the Elgin Valley, and the cool, fresh Cabernet and Merlot from Iona’s vineyards, high up overlooking the Atlantic. The idea behind producing this wine is to produce something that is incomparable and unique to their property.

Vintage: 2009
Grape: Syrah
Region: Elgin
ABV: 14%