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Crusher Pinot Noir Wilson Vineyard


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The Crusher Pinot Noir Wilson VineyardThe Crusher Pinot Noir is one of our long-standing favourites at Talking Wines. The Wilson Family has been farming the fertile land in Clarksburg for over three generations.The Crusher Pinot Noir is boldly aromatic with notes of sweet cherry and dark chocolate, giving way to a hint of smoky oak on the lasting finish. More full bodied than your average Pinot Noir, but remains balanced with real depth.

For more than 115 years, the Sebastiani name has been synonymous with quality winemaking in Sonoma County. Likewise, the Wilson family has been growing grapes in the Clarksburg region south of Sacramento since 1922. Created in tribute to the multi-generational partnership these two well-regarded wine families have enjoyed, The Crusher is fittingly named for the point where the fruit of one family’s labors literally gives way to those of the other.

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Vintage: 2015
Grape: Pinot Noir
Region: Clarksburg California
ABV: 14%