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Chablis La Colombe


Chablis La Colombe
Chablis La Colombe is a flinty, crisp, lean Chablis. Creamy fruit with mineral notes and a tangy fresh finish.

As a point of principle the producer, Boutinot France, does not buy from the co-operative in Chablis. This makes their style of Chablis quite distinctive from the hoi polloi of Chablis. They source directly from a network of growers, taste their submissions blind and put together our own unique blend. Samantha Bailey, the Master Blender responsible for buying and blending many of their wines, aims for a style which marries depth on the palate with the finesse and raciness of classic Chablis, whilst avoiding the eye-watering austerity which mars so many.

Vintage: 2015
Grape: Chardonnay
Region: Chablis
ABV: 12.5%